If you’re having trouble accomplishing your technology goals I’m here to help. I utilize remote support software to allow us to work through issues together. I will work with you until you have to help develop understanding and skills needed to easily and efficiently accomplish your goals.

I have assisted clients with a wide range of issues ranging from setting up data synchronization across devices to participating in virtual meetings.

Tutoring Testimonials

I’d like to highly recommend Melissa Mendelsohn of Orchard Road Computers. She was quick to respond and schedule a meeting, and she did so much to help me and my devices function well. She was very pleasant, highly skilled and non judgmental. A great resource!


I recently worked with Melissa of Orchard Road Computers and successfully solved my computer problems. She did a great job, figuring everything out remotely using Team Viewer and Face Time. Besides being an expert at what she does Melissa is a pleasure to work with.


I recommend Melissa Mendelsohn from Orchard Road Computers. She does both Mac and Windows troubleshooting, upgrades, etc. I had her install Windows 10 for me and she was good at what she does, and was very easy to work with.  -Will