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Here is an opportunity for you to ask the Trails Committee any question you have with respect to construction, finances, usability, insurance, etc.

Below is the list of questions. They are not all mine. Please feel free to suggest an edit/re-write, expand on an existing question as well as adding your own.

No names will be associated with this list.

If you would like to participate, please email it to me  ASAP at: Please write Trails Committee in the Subject box.

  • Does the Linear Feet of 2,627 sited in the Charlotte Town Link Trails Segment A cost estimate encompass the entire trail or just a portion? If just a portion and I will call this phase 1, how much is phase 2 & 3 ?
  • Being this is an estimate and the Town Trails would not be completed all at once, what do you estimate the price per linear foot to be 5 & 10 years from now for Phase 2 & 3 and completion of Phase 1?
  • Will there be open bidding for this project? If not, who will be building our trails?
  • How much is the Underpass on Route 7 going to cost if not included in the proposed price? Will there be sufficient lighting at night? What happens if teenagers decide to drink or smoke pot under there? What do our State Troopers say about handling a situation like this?
  • Shelburne Village has blinking yellow lights flashing when someone wants to cross the road by the Shelburne Museum offices. Have you considered this over a tunnel? If you have, would you please explain to us residents the pro’s and con’s?
  • I understand the path will be made of gravel. If this is true, how many road bicyclists do you expect to use this trail system? Is this gravel user friendly to strollers and wheelchairs?
  • How much will the cost be for maintenance? Who will be in charge of maintaining it?
  • I understand our town has insurance if someone gets hurt. How much will the premiums go up each time if someone sues the town? How much money will be put aside for this incase this happens?
  • Will their be cellular service throughout the trails if someone gets hurt and needs to call Charlotte Fire & Rescue?
  • If someone does call Charlotte Fire & Rescue, are there plans/access points for them to access the trail where the person needs help?
  • I understand trees will be cut down to build the trails. Please tell us how many tree’s will be taken down. Where these tree’s will be taken down. Please tell us the opinion of the Tree Warden. Please tell us the opinion of the Conservation Committee as there are Wetlands involved. What are the options to avoid not cutting down tree’s? Are you constructing trails in the Wetlands?
  • Which properties have you not received easements from? Which are in Phase 1,2 & 3? If the home owner who gave approval sells their house, can the new homeowner decline access in the future?
  • Have you determined how many non-residents will use this path? Have you determined how many non-residents will use our town beach? Will non-residents be charged to either use our paths or our town beach?
  • Will dogs be permitted on this path?
  • Who will be responsible for picking up any trash left behind?
  • How much will our taxes go up each phase?
  • We have the Little Garden Market, the Brick Store, the new Law Office, USPS as business’s in West Charlotte. How many business people do you think will use the trail system to go to work?